Challenge Accepted. 

We are offering The Perfect Derma Peel for $250 or $290 with a Booster, a $50+ savings!


Shed your summer skin and restore your face for a fresh fall start. Starting Tuesday, September 6th, we will be holding a peel challenge to support one another through the process of dropping the old and enhancing the new. The Perfect Derma Peel is a medium-depth peel that provides revitalized skin that has you glowing within one week!  

Only a few time slots left. Sign up for an appointment below. 

Timeline of Peeling

Day One: 

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four - Six: 

A 30-minute appointment where we apply the chemical peel to your face and have you leave it on overnight. A Perfect Derma Peel Post Care Kit will be provided to you.

Morning Routine: Cleanse face and use the PDP towelette #1 in post care kit.

Evening Routine: Cleanse face and use the PDP towelette #2 in post care kit

Skin will start to peel around your nose and mouth area.

Peeling will be in full effect. We will provide you with a few exclusive tips for during this process.

Day Seven:

Sloughing occurs - a layer of dead skin will start to shed.

Day Eight: 

Send oc skin vibes a picture of your newly restored skin!